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Welcome to the Humanperf website!

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Our values

Our values

Efficient, trustworthy, pragmatic, and above all - human.

A commitment to efficiency

In the most essential terms, the purpose of great software is to improve efficiency. Our solution has been developed with this in mind — how to offer you the most effective tools to save you time as well as help you to be more reactive, and proactive, in your approach to driving innovation.

A solution you can trust

Trust is vital in the pursuit of success. A reliable solution serves to help you gain the confidence of:

  • All collaborators within your company — by demonstrating a capacity to transform ideas and initiatives into real working solutions. When trust is established, you will observe tremendous spikes in teamwork, morale, and the overall quality of participation.
  • The General Management — by showing them in one click the unmistakable evidence that innovation is truly driven, you will establish legitimacy, and possibly additional resources and budget.

We will also work above and beyond to earn your trust — by working closely by your side throughout your company's entire innovation process.

The epitome of pragmatism

We believe it is more effective and sustainable for our customers to share a single platform in order for everyone to benefit from the best practices as they continue to take shape and evolve. In an industry that trends toward over-complicating what should be simple, we prefer to take a straight-forward approach and to inject a healthy dose of common sense into our solutions.

Knowing that every innovation process is unique, we've designed a flexible software product, customizable and scalable, in order to support your unique evolution at your own personal pace.

We believe strongly that our clients must be able to manage their system independently, without the necessitation of IT expertise.

Last but not least, we respect your company's IT policies and therefore work to integrate our solution within your infrastructure seamlessly.

A human touch

At the core of our belief system is the faith that we have in the human aspect of an enterprise. This value is so primary to us that we've gone as far as including it in our name.

A collaborative innovation plan is the perfect leverage to create value, enhance teamwork, and break down the silo mentality that so often plagues workplaces. The result of these initiatives is nothing short of the empowerment of your workforce: demonstrating to your employees that they have an equal hand in the company's success.

For us, this endeavor to create the best working solution for companies has been one grand adventure. We've had the extraordinary opportunity to learn so much about what we regard as one of the most important aspects of running a company. This is especially thanks to all the great teams of motivated and passionate people we've had the pleasure of working with over the past decade.

Here's to our continued success in working together to put real progress and innovation into motion.