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EBS Emballage customer testimonial: Revolutionizing Project Management with IDhall

SME EBS Emballage revolutionizes its project management

With a passionate and versatile team of 85 employees, EBS Emballage is a dynamic SME at the heart of the packaging sector, embodying strong human values. With over thirty years’ experience, it is based at three sites between the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions in France and specializes in the design and manufacture of wooden packaging. Thanks to its expertise in developing tailor-made packaging solutions, EBS Emballage has built up a solid reputation, meeting the needs of its customers from a wide range of sectors, including export, winegrowing, and horticulture.

The acquisition of Neuville in April 2022 marked a major turning point, introducing a significant change in its operating model. This integration broadened EBS Emballage’s spectrum of activities with the addition of two new units: a standard pallet production unit and a sawmill. This strategic expansion enables the company to master the entire value chain, from raw wood processing to the production of packaging and pallets tailored to the diverse needs of its customers.

Find out from Fabrice Vacheron, President of EBS Emballage, how the SME revolutionized its project management, strengthened internal collaboration and boosted productivity by adopting the IDhall platform, thereby significantly increasing its initiatives.

A key objective: go beyond Excel’s limitations and energize projects

The need to move to a new project management system at EBS Emballage arose from the recognition of the limitations inherent in the use of Excel. The aim was to overcome the difficulties of internal communication and collaboration, as well as the traceability obstacles that were blurring the true perception of productivity. By identifying these challenges, the company sought to adopt a tool better suited to effectively meeting its organizational needs, with an emphasis on improving project management and facilitating teamwork.

Our old system, based on Excel, only allowed us to track a third of the actions undertaken. Many actions remained undeclared and invisible, making any form of assessment or feedback on their effectiveness impossible. The use of Excel complicated the implementation of a real team dynamic and internal communication, limiting contribution, help and the sharing of expertise. This lack of traceability gave us the impression that we were being productive, when in fact we weren’t.
Fabrice Vacheron – President of EBS Emballage

EBS Emballage also had an issue with team cohesion around projects. Internal communication was complicated, particularly because of Excel, which was not conducive to collaboration. The exchange of ideas, active participation, support and sharing of expertise were virtually non-existent. This led to initiatives being managed mainly through oral discussions, making them difficult to follow up and sustain.

The choice of IDhall

The search for a platform became essential to meet the needs identified. Fabrice Vacheron wanted to find a user-friendly, SME-friendly solution that could be easily implemented and used by all staff across the organization’s three sites. He wanted to use a dynamic platform, offering responsive support and clear instructions, while being easily accessible online.

I liked IDhall right away because of its simplicity and accessibility. Comparing different options, we noticed that, although some competing systems offered similar functionalities, they were not as accomplished as IDhall, which stood out for its efficiency and ease of use.
Fabrice Vacheron – President of EBS Emballage

Deploying IDhall and improving project tracking

From February 2023, EBS Emballage began adopting IDhall under the initial supervision of Fabrice Vacheron. During the first five months, he led the adoption of the platform, mobilizing his teams through solicitations to contribute to initiatives, integrating them into action plans or designating them as initiative leaders. This approach enabled a gradual familiarization with the platform. From June onwards, process managers acquired the ability to launch their own initiatives on the platform, marking a key stage in the integration of IDhall within the company.

Employees buy-in was rapid, helped by the simplicity of the tool, reinforcing group cohesion, and improving communication within the company. Six months after this collective implementation, EBS Emballage took stock of its initiatives: 85 initiatives had been created since February 2023, 64% of which had been completed on time.

More initiatives at EBS Emballage thanks to IDhall

The adoption of IDhall has led the company to completely abandon Excel for project tracking. IDhall now supports the complete management of initiatives, whether they emanate from field projects, construction sites or an idea box. This also applies to crucial areas such as global safety and the environment, which were previously overseen via Excel files as part of ISO certifications. This strategic move illustrates IDhall’s ability to revolutionize project management, by demonstrating the platform’s efficiency and adaptability to meet the specific needs of its organization.

IDhall acts as a booster; the more initiatives we initiate, the more motivated we are to undertake more. The engaging and rewarding nature of IDhall, combined with its collaborative potential, plays a highly stimulating role for employees.
Fabrice Vacheron – President of EBS Emballage

EBS Emballage has seen a significant increase in its initiatives, demonstrating the effectiveness of the platform in energizing project management. The tool facilitated a proactive approach to challenges, enabling the company to respond effectively to the need for continuous improvement and participative innovation. This has included, for example, adjustments in response to audits and improved compliance with global safety standards, among other operational improvements.

Compared with the old Excel-based system, IDhall reduces the risk of error to almost zero. The platform has enabled a significant increase in our initiatives, doubling the number of tracked actions, a performance unattainable with our previous method.
Fabrice Vacheron – President of EBS Emballage

Thanks to IDhall, EBS Emballage benefits from an intuitive interface that actively encourages employee participation, transforming every initiative into an opportunity for collaboration and improvement. This dynamism demonstrates that the right tool can indeed transform good intentions into tangible, measurable results for all organizations.

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